We are a women-led venture fuelled from the passion to design simple and kind solutions to solve common problems. After several conversations about how we could make a sustainable difference and discovering our shared perspectives, we sketched KIND BY DESIGN around the ethos of creativity, science-led thinking and the intent to live more responsibly.  

What we did not know was that our current normal was about to change so drastically. COVID-19 had started to take its hold across the world and it meant rethinking our present and our perceived future. In this new norm, our call to action became even more urgent and our commitment to a kinder world became more pressing.

It’s why our first product revolves around one of today’s most important requirements. Face masks represent the new way of life we have all had to embrace, yet most of us still want to keep some semblance of our individual selves in our shifted reality. While keeping with safety as paramount, we didn’t want to settle on style and researched human-centric designs. We also made a conscious choice to work with smaller businesses as a way of giving back to the communities we have become a part of.

We will continue to work towards our shared vision and will introduce more offerings in line with the KIND BY DESIGN attitude, striving to unravel unusual times with kindness to ourselves, our communities and the environment.

We would love to hear from you, hear your thoughts and your suggestions. Drop us a line… we’re listening.